Salmon Fly Update - 6/11/15

June in the Northern Rockies is a very special time of year. Blue skies, green grass, snowy peaks and Salmon Flies!! The hatch is happening on the Big Hole right now and anglers are reveleing in catching trout on big dry flies. Next up is the Madison! Typically the hatch doesn't start at town until sometime around June 20th to 25th. However, this year could be different. The dry and warm early spring had everything a couple of weeks ahead of schedule back in March and April. However, May brought about 5 weeks of cool rainly weather which seems to have brought things back into a more normal time frame.

We've already recieved reports of a few adult Sammy sightings in the Varney stretch, and the attached photo of the Sammy shuck was taken yesterday (6/10) near 8 Mile Ford. Are these preemies, or is it starting? My guess is that these are the usual premature bugs we see a week or so before it begins in earnest. 

No reason to wait though, because the fish are definitely gorging on the giant nymphs right now, and looking up sporadically for dry flies. We've been catching quite a few recently on Chubbies, and every day people come in with stories of large Trout striking at their indicators. 

We'll keep you posted as things progress. And feel free to give us a call or stop in for the latest updates.