Madison River Fishing Report 12/11/14

Usually after hunting season we move right into ski season, but it's been unseasonably warm around here for the past couple of weeks which has had us thinking more about fishing than skiing. So yesterday we took a drive up valley to do a little angling. First stop was Macatee bridge to hit a couple of favorite winter holes. The wind was howling which made casting and mending pretty tough. Managed to catch a couple fish pretty quick on a #10 Black rubber leg stone. Couldn't take the wind so we loaded up and kept driving south to the Hutchins Bridge. Had some real good action here, landing about 8 or 9 fish between 2 of us. A mix of Rainbows Browns and Whiteys here. MVP was again the small rubber leg stone. Still looking to catch a real fish of consequence, we drove up to Pine Butte. This is where we really had a moment. Fishing pretty close together in one long seam, we landed 6 very nice Bows in short order, including one buck that was as pretty as they get.

It's supposed to stay pretty warm fro several more days, so we're planning on getting out again soon. Probably head back up valley around the big bend. Cheers, JD