Madison River Fishing Report 10/30/15

After another great season on the Madison we are finally rolling into the take-out. And this has been one helluva year! #GRATEFUL

Due to a very mild winter, we started floating and fishing on the Upper Madison in February this year and were still going strong on October 30th. Fall has finally arrived in the Madison Valley after a pretty amazing Indian Summer. Temperatures are falling along with the leaves and there is plenty of snow in the high country. Naturally, this also means that Brown Trout are spawning across the region. Even though things are changing now, there will certainly be a few more opportunities to get after the fishing before we bust out the skis. And truthfully, we'll fish off and on all winter and will update you when we do.

 By my personal account, the fishing on the Upper Madison has kicked up a notch over the past few weeks. April and October are 2 of the very best months!!  We end pretty much right where we started last spring; catching lots of fat, healthy Rainbows on nymphs. Although we have seen periodic success with streamers, it's the nymphing that is really great right now. And I'm not talking about fishing over redds, just running nymphs through the deep holes for hungry Bows. 

Flows are steady right around 900 cfs, which is a little bit skinny for hard boats but certainly very fishy and passable with some rowing skill. We have had good success up and down the river all the way from Raynold's Pass down to Ennis Lake. So don't over think it.

Over the past few years, there is no question that Rainbows have come to dominate the Upper Madison again. There are very good numbers of Bows in the 16" - 20" range out there right now, and often outnumber similar size Browns in the net by 5 to 1. But don't worry the Big Browns are still here and if you keep searching you will find them.