Pins and Needles- 06/01/2016

Can you feel it? The most anticipated event of the year is upon us, Salmon flies!  The recent chatter around town has been the speculation of when the hatch will bloom as well as memories of years past filled with glory and broken dreams. It seems that everyone is glued to their phones and computer screens meticulously analyzing water flows and weather forecasts trying to gain the upper hand on the oncoming throngs of fisherman that will soon ambush the Madison Valley.

The fish seem weary of the coming feast too. Fishing around the valley has been consistent and fairly predictable.  With the river holding just enough visibility to effectively fish nymphs and streamers, anglers have been finding high success tight to the undercut banks and shallow seams.  Stream flows have also maintained a relatively constant rate over the past week at right around 2,000-2,200 CFS. The Madison has been slightly ebbing and flowing in the past 48 hours due to warming temperatures and increased sunshine. It will be interesting to see if we get another major blast of runoff and mud with more heat in the forecast.  Definitely something to monitor.  

As one could imagine, the usual gamut of flies for this time of the year have been our key players:  Black & Brown Girdle Bugs, Prince Nymphs, Lightning Bugs, Worms and more Worms. If nymphing doesn't suit your preferred methods of catching fish try heaving a Sheila's Sculpin or Sparkle Minnow to entice a hungry trout. The days of consistent dry fly fishing will soon be upon us.

Until then, stay tuned for more updated reports or stop in the shop and give a friendly hello.  We'll be more than happy to share the excitement of what is to come.