Madison River Fishing Report

Dog Days

Late summer in the Madison Valley. Things here are about what you’d expect, maybe a little stranger than usual but then again nothing’s really all that surprising any more. Fishing is stranger than truth! It’s been hot and dry for weeks/months now. There have been threats here and there of some afternoon thunderstorms…none have materialized.

Fish the Dry!

Fishing the madison river

If there are any doubts about whether or not summer arrived when the solstice rolled around recently, they should take a look at my cherry red knee caps right now from sitting in a boat. It’s hot, dry, and summer flows are here. That holds significance for many things fishing related, but none more plainly obvious than this: put away that damn bobber for a minute!

It Won't Be Long Now

Madison-river-brown-troutUpper Madison River flows have been dropping steadily over the past three days and the fish seem to be in a much better mood. A feeding mood. The flows at the Old Kirby Place are about 1050 cfs and will likely stabilize before the readings at the Varney Bridge gauge do. We will likely continue to see falling or decreasing volume as creeks start recede from their highs of a week ago. As the upper Madison River flows go so goes the lower River. Expect to see dropping flows for the lower Madison River as well.

Pins and Needles- 06/01/2016

Can you feel it? The most anticipated event of the year is upon us, Salmon flies!  The recent chatter around town has been the speculation of when the hatch will bloom as well as memories of years past filled with glory and broken dreams. It seems that everyone is glued to their phones and computer screens meticulously analyzing water flows and weather forecasts trying to gain the upper hand on the oncoming throngs of fisherman that will soon ambush the Madison Valley.