Madison River Fishing Report 2/13/15

The warm weather recently has certainly made for some nice winter fishing conditions. I guided the Madison yesterday for the first time ever in the Month of February! The run from Varney to Burnt Tree was more reminiscent of mid-April than mid-February. It was a blue-bird day and I would give the fishing a grade of C+. Not a lot of fish, but some real quality Rainbows like the one you see here. 

New Years Day - 2015

It was a spectacular New Years Day in the Madison Valley. In keeping with our 14 year family tradition we set out with some good friends in pursuit of the first trout of the year. I'm happy to report that it was a resounding success! We drove up to $3 bridge and saw hundreds and hundreds of Elk along the way. When we arrived there it was about 15 degrees above zero, with blue-bird skies and blazing bright sun. Kids and dogs all frolicked and played as we hiked from the highway down the snow-packed trail to the river.

Getting it going...

No fishing today. The mercury hit 20 below this morning and the Madison is already starting to gorge at the Valley Garden FAS. It's ok though, because that makes it much easier to sit here at the computer working on getting our new website, blog and on-line store off the ground. Stay tuned for more updates and the new site launching soon! Peace, JD


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