Sawyer 8'6" Pole Cat Oars Black Dynelite Shoal Cut Blade

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We've paired our lightweight Polecat oar shaft with a super light, whitewater proven DyneLite oar blade for a cost conscious oar package that every oarsman can enjoy.

Polecat Shaft Features:

  • Fiberglass whitewater oar shaft
  • Comes standard with rope wrap and rubber stop
  • Laminated Fir barrel grip w/vinyl rubber grip covers
  • TiteSet Blade Lock - solid, fail safe connection that won't rattle or jam
  • Available lengths: 7.5' to 10' (overall length)
  • Shaft diameter: 1 5/8" I.D.
  • Grip Diameter: Standard (1 5/8") or Small (1 1/2")
  • Black Rope Wrap comes standard.

DyneLite Blade Features:

  • Carbon fiber and laminated Douglas Fir wood oar blade.
  • Sealed and finished with the finest marine grade varnish.
  • ProTip - super tough Dynel/Kevlar blade tip protection.