Fly Fishing Philosophy

All of us at Trout Stalkers are in the business of fly fishing for one reason: pure passion for the sport. We are grateful every day to be living the life we love, and loving the life we live.

Our business is based on sharing our passion for the outdoors, our fly fishing knowledge, and our experience with our friends and clients.

On Fishing and Life

  • Fly fishing is life! The parallels to the important aspects of life are almost endless. Give it some thought and they will jump out at you everywhere.
  • Don’t take either of them too seriously.
  • Have a plan, but remain flexible and adaptable. The “strategy” of fly fishing is a huge part of the enjoyment. Even if your plan sucks, a bad plan is better than no plan. Be open to change.
  • Great places and great experiences are best when shared with people you love. 
  • Be a student of the game, always striving to expand your knowledge and improve your skills.
  • When the window of opportunity opens, make the cast! "You miss 100 percent of the shots you don't take." ~Gretzke
  • The Fish Gods favor humility.
  • The only expert in fly fishing for Trout, is the Trout!
  • Timing is everything. Listen to Mother Nature and take the cues from her. Always try to “go with the flow.”
  • Stop and smell the roses, it’s not all about a bent rod.  

We approach every day with a sense of exploration and discovery, and never stop learning. Often in this sport, just when you figure something out, everything changes. That’s what keeps it interesting.

On Guiding 

The first time you fish with us, you’re a client. The second time you’re a friend. We believe that guiding is based around shared interests and curiosity, mutual respect and friendship. Our goal is to provide every client with the best leadership, coaching, companionship and knowledge possible. We will give it 110% every day to make your day safe, enjoyable and educational. Give your guide some feedback. It should be a 2-way street.

"The guide's job isn't to make fishing easy. It's to reveal the intricacies of a fluid puzzle; to evoke an appreciation for the relationship we share with our natural world; to lead the way."
~Will Benson, 90 Miles

On Retail and Fly Fishing Gear 

Although we are in the business of selling gear, we’ve long lived by the belief that “it ain't the arrows that make the Indian.” Skills are what really matter when it comes to being a successful angler. Focus on honing your angling and outdoor skills and you will be rewarded in many ways.

The tools of the trade are important though, and good Indians usually have a quiver full of straight arrows! We sell only gear that we believe to be the highest quality. We will always do our best to help you choose good gear that fits your needs and your budget.


We want you to feel great about the experience you have with us and the gear you buy from us, which is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not happy with your purchase or our performance, bring it back within 30 days and we’ll refund or replace your purchase with no questions asked. We want you to be happy.