JUNE 2024

UPDATED 6/20/2024

Summer has arrived in Ennis, Montana! Main Street is seeing an increased jump in bipedalism and excitement of the new season is beginning to fill the air. All the brutally cold days of January and February seem worth it as we enter the season of the Plecoptera. A few big bugs are being spotted around Valley Garden although the hatch has yet to take the river by storm. The chilly rain we experienced this last week definitely played a part in slowing the overall hatch down. With warm sunny days on the horizon, dry fly action can only be imminent. 

The versatility that anglers can fish with makes this an exciting time of year to be out on the water. Streamers, dry flies, and nymphs are all in play right now. While the salmonfly hatch hasn’t displayed big results, we should be only a few days out from more consistent top water action. Nymphing has produced the most consistent fishing results this last week. Streamer fishing continues to put fish in the net as well.

The Cameron gauge is sitting firm at 1700 CFS with Kirby running at 1050 CFS. Hebgen Reservoir is full and the additional snowfall the valley saw this last week will only aid in that further. Water temperatures near town reached 58.46 F degrees and will likely surpass that today. It’s shaping up to be a beautiful weekend with high winds predicted on Sunday. If the fishing is slow, thank god you’re not sitting at work. If you’re sitting at work, thank god the fishing is slow!

As always our shop in downtown Ennis is stocked to the brim with flies so don't be afraid to swing by and check them out for yourself. Also feel free to swing by the shop for a more in-depth and up to date fishing report or general fishing advice. Just a reminder as well it is now barbless hooks only from Varney bridge to the Lake so pinch those barbs. Enjoy the warm weather this weekend and be safe out there!

Hot Flies:

Streamers: Dolly Lama, Lil Kim, Screamer, Trevor, Dungeons, Peanut Envy, Sir Sticks A Lot.

Dry Flies: Kurt's Egg Drop, Henry's Fork Salmon Fly, Dornan's Water Walker, Rio Juicy Stone, Goulds Half Down, Hi Tie Sally, Rio Emma Stone Sally, Delektable Walker Walker Golden.

Nymphs: Yellow Spots, Tung Split Case PMD, Jig Formerly Known as Prince, #4 Rubber Leg Black, #16 Gold Lightning Bug, Chartreuse French Dip, CDC Hustler.

- MTS Guide Danny Eiden