April 2022

Updated 4/1/2022

With Temperatures on the rise and the river still on the low, fishing has been hit or miss. We have been having some great days mixed in with a few slow ones. Many fish are starting to move upriver and out of their holding areas from the winter. They are hungry and willing to eat, however with the water being as low as it is they are hanging out in the not-so-usual spots. Focus on targeting slow deep water if you can find it. A lot of fish have been hanging out in the middle current instead of along the bank since the water is not as heavy right now. Fish the pockets located next to boulders and rocks and try to run some drifts through the shallower section of the river. You never know, there could be a big boy hanging out in there!

Recently, we’ve had a few days where these fish seem to be where they shouldn’t be and that leads you to question why we even do this activity! Since the water has been warming up, there has been a bit of streamer action with more fish getting stronger and hungrier after a lazy winter. We’ve seen some great turns and eats at a more consistent level when throwing meat. Nymphing still has been the most productive method for targeting fish. Worms and stonefly patterns are seeing the greatest level of consistency in terms of eats. Caddis season is just around the corner, so make sure to stock your box with a few caddis imitations. There is still midge activity on the top water but the fish seem to only key on it for a short period of the day. There is always a chance when you’re out there at the right time so don’t leave the little dries at home just yet! As for the streamers, it seems that white and olive have been the most consistent colors to get fish’s attention. I’ve been having the most success with the Barely Legal and the Mini Peanut Envy.

With all that being said, get out there and have some fun. Check the forecast and pick a day that works for you and go catch some fish!  Please give us a call for local weather or gorge updates. Tight Lines and Pray for Snow! Looking for some fly tying material to create these patterns? Check out our fly tying collection online or stop by the shop! As temperatures turn frigid, continue to practice your best fish handling techniques. Take advantage of the low foot traffic on the river and get out there to fish! Avoid fish pictures for the gram whenever possible so that we can continue to have healthy fish populations for years to come. Give our Cold Weather Gear collection a gander to ensure that you’ve got the proper warmth to maximize your time out on the water.

- MTS Guide Tyler DiMeola