JULY 2023 

UPDATED 7/27/2023 

We’re entering the final days of July and there’s mixed reports left, right, upside-down and sideways. As Robert wrote much finer than I could, “Heard some say better run away - others say you better stand still”. Those who have dared to stand still have been rewarded this week. It hasn’t been a great numbers game for us out there but the fish we’ve wrangled in have been quality trout. Caddis, Nocturnal Stones, PMDs and Yellow Sally’s are still out in abundance. Hoppers should be on the way here soon once the green grass decides to wilt away. 

The Lower Madison has a full fishing closure from Warm Springs up to the Dam beneath Ennis Lake. The rest of the Lower Madison is still on a Hoot Owl restriction, so no fishing after 2PM. The Upper Madison near Cameron has been fluctuating between 58.1 F and 69.98 F over the course of the last week. Northwestern Energy bumped the flows from 1140 CFS up to 1250 CFS out of the dam on the 24th of July. There’s plenty of water throughout the river, with Kirby running at 1330 CFS as of this afternoon.

Hot Flies:

Streamers: Black Sex Dungeon, Black Silk Kitty, Olive Mini Loop, Lil Kim, Black Screamer, Olive Trevor, Sparring Partner white/gold.

Dry Flies: Size 14-16 Caddis, Size 14-18 PMD, Size 6-10 Tan Chubby, Size 10 Royal Water Walker

Nymphs: Prince Size 14-16, PMD Size 14-16, Black Rubber Leg Size 6-8, Pheasant Tail Size 14-16.

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- MTS Guide Danny Eiden