APRIL 2024 

UPDATED 4/26/2024 

Well we’re in that part of the season where April showers will hopefully bring May flowers to the valley. A fair amount of precipitation is in this weekend’s forecast with the potential of rain and thunderstorms rolling into Monday. Air temperatures are projected to be in the high 30’s for the low and the mid 50’s for the high over the course of the next four days. Hebgen Lake has a current outflow of 834.4 CFS. The Upper Madison has jumped up 170 CFS at Cameron since April 24th. It’s likely that we’ll continue to see that number rise with the forecasted rain.The river had a slight discoloration to it this morning with Jack Creek pumping a significant amount of mud. There’s a strong chance we see more color coming in from Wigwam and Indian Creek in the next few days.

We’ve had great hatches this last week on both the Upper and Lower river. The Lower is beginning to see a plethora of caddis. The Upper river has had consistent BWO hatches and the few odd caddis hanging around. The dry fly fishing during the golden hour has been exhilarating with fish beginning to look up and eat those size 18 and 20 BWO patterns with reckless abandon. The streamer and nymph fishing could be excellent this weekend with the increased turbidity and lower water clarity that’s projected. Worms and stonefly nymphs will likely be your breadwinners should you choose to chase trout with the bobber. Add some extra split shot, search for the slow-moving deep buckets and hold on for dear life!

We just loaded up our fly bins with a bunch of new patterns so swing by the shop and see for yourself. As always please exercise caution as you’re wading as rainbow trout are still spawning throughout the river especially down in Valley Garden. Also be mindful that it is now barbless hooks only from Varney Bridge down to the lake. Feel free to swing by the shop for more up to date fishing reports and general fishing advice. Have fun out on the river this week and please be courteous and respectful to all other anglers on the river. Remember it's all for fun so enjoy your day no matter what the outcome is!

Hot Flies:

Streamers: Mini Dungeon Olive, Mayer’s Hot Head Mini Leech Olive (#14), Squirrely Little Bugger Black (#8), Jig Slum Lord Black, Slump Buster Black (#6), BH Wooly Bugger Peacock (#8).

Dry Flies: Elk Hair Caddis Olive (#16 - #18), Johnson's Mimic May BWO (#18), Mini Hot Mayfly Black (#18), Mini Hot Mayfly Olive (#18),Tilt Wing Dun BWO (#18), Parachute Adams (#16), Comparadun BWO (#18),

Nymphs: Pat’s Rubber Legs Black (#6 - #8), Pat’s Rubber Legs Coffee (#6 - #8), Hogan S&M Nymph Olive (#16), Spanish Perdigon Rodrigues Black (#16), Jig CDC Prince (#14), Jig Tungsten Pink Worm (#16), Jig San Juan Worm Wine (#14), Jig Pink Egg (#16), Hot Bead Pink Egg (#16).

- MTS Guide Danny Eiden

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