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MAY 2024 

UPDATED 5/07/2024 

As we enter the first week of May, we have seen a fair bit of weather in the valley and mountains. Cold evenings have slowed down the runoff from higher elevations, which has led to the Upper Madison stabilizing and holding around 1350 CFS. Hebgan lake has bumped its flows and the water has risen 90 CFS in the last week. This week is starting off similar to last with highs in the mid 40’s and a chance of precipitation Wednesday and Thursday. As the week moves into the weekend, we are looking at blue skies and highs in the mid 60’s to 70’s. I expect to see the water rise and become more discolored as the weather warms up over the next coming weeks.

Expect to see multiple hatches this weekend as the weather continues to warm up. The Lower and Upper Madison have both been seeing caddis hatches with the Lower producing the majority of the bugs. The Upper will surely not be far behind as the air temperature approaches 70 degrees. Expect to see consistent BWO hatches in the evenings, as well as, some caddis amongst the chaos. Nymphing has been the go to recently, dropping stonefly and worm rigs into deep runs or buckets has constantly produced fish. Don't forget to add extra split shot to the rigs ensuring you get down to em’. Streamer fishing has been hit or miss with the water and air temperatures rising and falling but with these next couple days of cooler weather make sure you get out there and make the most of the final days of spring streamer fishing.

As always our shop in downtown Ennis is stocked to the brim with flies so don't be afraid to swing by and check them out for yourself. Also feel free to swing by the shop for a more indepth and up to date fishing report or general fishing advice. Just a reminder as well it is now barbless hooks only from Varney bridge to the Lake so pinch those barbs. Enjoy the warm weather this weekend and be safe out there!

Hot Flies:

Streamers: Mini Dungeon Olive, Mayer’s Hot Head Mini Leech Olive (#14), Squirrely Little Bugger Black (#8), Jig Slum Lord Black, Slump Buster Black (#6), BH Wooly Bugger Peacock (#8).

Dry Flies: Elk Hair Caddis Olive (#16 - #18), Johnson's Mimic May BWO (#18), Mini Hot Mayfly Black (#18), Mini Hot Mayfly Olive (#18),Tilt Wing Dun BWO (#18), Parachute Adams (#16), Comparadun BWO (#18),

Nymphs: Pat’s Rubber Legs Black (#6 - #8), Pat’s Rubber Legs Coffee (#6 - #8), Hogan S&M Nymph Olive (#16), Spanish Perdigon Rodrigues Black (#16), Jig CDC Prince (#14), Jig Tungsten Pink Worm (#16), Jig San Juan Worm Wine (#14), Jig Pink Egg (#16), Hot Bead Pink Egg (#16).

- MTS Guide Daniel Johnson

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