Madison River Shuttle Service

Know Before You Go

Madison River Shuttle Services

Trout Stalkers works closely with the best Madison River shuttle companies to provide our clients with a safe and reliable way to shuttle your rig down river. The cost of a shuttle service on the Madison River varies slightly depending on the location of your put-in and take-out. However the going rate is about $40/shuttle. We encourage you to book your shuttles the night before you fish as the demand for a shuttle becomes much higher during the hours of 9 am and 12pm. To book a shuttle you can always contact Trout Stalkers or stop by the shop to fill out a shuttle form.

Rocket Shuttles  (406) 581-4626 - $40 Upper Madison Valley

Fins Shuttle Service (406) 595-7887 - $40 Upper Madison Valley

Treasure State Shuttles (406) 579-5442 - Airport Shuttle Service - $140 Ennis to BZN. Treasure State Shuttles also provides shuttle services to other locations in the greater Madison Valley. Email:

By providing your payment and vehicle information you can quickly schedule your shuttle service well in advance.