Gilman Grips High Performance Oar Grips

Gilman Grips High Performance Oar Grips

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Why Counterbalance Weights? 

Balance is important in life and balance is important in rowing. 

Balance can be achieved through your boat’s geometry or by adding counterbalance to the grip of the oar. Our counterbalance grips weigh 2 lbs 10 ounces each side, making Gilman Grips the ideal weight for most boats. If you need a different weight we can assist you in achieving the right balance for your Gilman Grip oar handles.

On the water proper balance equals finesse and accuracy. With balance, every stroke will be stronger and faster. Properly balanced oars means comfortably rowing more miles, every day. You'll feel better, row stronger, and have less fatigue with Gilman Grips. 

To achieve balance in your everyday life we recommend spending more glorious days on the river.