Flycraft Stealth X 2-Man Fishing Raft w/ Gear Rack
Flycraft Stealth X 2-Man Fishing Raft w/ Gear Rack
Flycraft Stealth X 2-Man Fishing Raft w/ Gear Rack

Flycraft Stealth X 2-Man Fishing Raft w/ Gear Rack

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The Stealth X Inflatable Fishing Boat is the perfect hybrid between our classic 2-man Flycraft Stealth and our Flycraft 3-man 14' boat. This boat is the same length as the 2-man boat but has the width and is a self bailer like our 3-man.

This craft is a great two seater with plenty of room in the back for a 3rd angler (and even has a lean bar option for them). It’s 12 foot length allows you to easily transport it in the back of your truck or roof top, while still giving you the extra width and room that people enjoy with our 14 foot 3-man. This boat has a self bailing floor.

Similar to our other two boats, this 12' 3-person craft is perfect for small streams, big drift boat rivers, ponds, lakes and even the ocean. Whether you choose to row it downstream or motor it on still water, this boat can do it all. With the ease of transport, ability to run bigger water, and comfortably fit 3 people, this boat has quickly become a daily driver for our team.

The Stealth X can handle up to Class III water with full size oars and 2 passengers. With smaller diameter oars, we only recommend still water use.

  • Two people can securely stand while fishing with our leg lock standing braces. (rear leg lock sold separately)
  • It's floor gives you access to remote river sections with superior shallow draft technology (3-4 inches). This boat comes standard with a self bailing floor.
  • High pressure dropped stitched floor provides a rock solid platform to stand on.
  • Gives you all the comforts of a drift boat with the accessibility of a light-weight inflatable boat.
  • 360 degree rotating seats
  • Internally ran anchor system
  • Heavily reinforced bottom protects your boat from the river bottom
  • Fits on roof, RV compartment, or bed of a truck
  • Frame breaks down for easy storage and transport